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La Bonne

Protocolo y Eventos


Comprehensive Planning of All Your Events

La Bonne is an agency born with the intention of tending to every aspect of an event, from the design of the space and the concept to the social norms, including advise on catering. To that end we created three main areas: La Bonne Tenue, La Bonne Vivant and La Bonne Cuisine.

La Bonne Tenue is the area dedicated to protocol, where we offer classes, courses, consulting and training in social, corporate and institutional protocol. 

La Bonne Vivant is the branch in charge of the parties and events. We design the concept and spaces and handle production, service, catering and decorations. 

La Bonne Cuisine  is our gourmet catering service for the most exclusive private events.

Every client has different needs, and at La Bonne we adapt to each one of them. Some only require a class on social protocol, some need the planning and production of a big event or a private dinner, and others would like to join both disciplines. 

The most important thing is you, don't worry, we will handle everything.

La Bonne's commitment is to make each event unique and unforgettable. 

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